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Lab Improvements is the manufacturer of CapTrack, a portable, benchtop-sized device that manages refrigerated inventory and recaps specimen tubes for medical laboratories.

Our patent pending technology uses a combination of robotics, process control, and software to save time and money, increase the quality of laboratory results and reduce risk.

Traditional large-scale automation systems used by high volume laboratories are not practical for smaller facilities, such as those found in hospitals. As a result, highly trained professionals are forced to process samples manually instead of being able to focus on the higher yield activities they were trained for. This reduces efficiency while also significantly increasing the risk of sample contamination, repetitive strain injury, and could potentially expose staff to bloodborne pathogens.

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Available Models

CapTrack - CT1

Automated Capping and Databasing

The CapTrack CT1 automates the recapping of specimen tubes while also scanning the samples and entering them into a managed database. This allows staff to quickly retrieve samples and also the optimize cold storage utilization. The CT1 tracks the time of processing, tube size, cap colour and rack which allow staff to quickly locate the tube in the event of an add-on or retest.

CapTrack - CT2

Automated Capping + Database Manager

The CT2 is a variant of the CapTrack that automates tube capping and manages a specimen database. After automated recapping, samples are placed into racks using a coordinate system with the location stored by the CapTrack allowing for quick and easy sample retrieval.

CapRing - CR1

Automated Capping

The CapRing will automatically cap any tubes that are loaded into the ring allowing your staff to focus on higher yield activities in the lab and reduce exposure to bloodborne pathogens.

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