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Lab Improvements develops and manufactures solutions that automate high risk or repetitive tasks in a laboratory environment. We also offer engineering services including electrical, mechanical and software development as well as PCB and controls design. Our unique combination of experience and technical knowledge allows us to take a product or idea from the initial concept into rapid prototyping and production.

  • Lab Improvements is also the manufacturer two unique devices: CapTrack and SlideTrack.

    Both are portable, benchtop-sized devices that allow labs to automate repetitive tasks within the lab. For more details on each, please see below:


    SlideTrack automates the sorting and archiving of histology slides. The operator loads up to two hundred slides at a time then walks away, allowing SlideTrack to processes independently. Each slide is scanned for barcodes, key characters, unique identifiers or even colours. This information is used to sort, divert or archive slides into long term storage magazines.

    Once a storage magazine is full, it can be placed into traditional long term storage boxes/infrastructure. A single SlideTrack device is capable of processing upwards of seven hundred slides per hour or roughly five thousand slides per day.

    This information can be handed over to an existing histology tracking system or SlideTrack can act as a standalone slide management and inventory system.

    SlideTrack is currently being distributed directly in the US and Canada, please call or email for more information!



    CapTrack manages refrigerated inventory and recaps specimen tubes for medical laboratories.

    Our patent pending technology uses a combination of robotics, process control, and software to save time and money, increase the quality of laboratory results and reduce risk.

    Traditional large-scale automation systems used by high volume laboratories are not practical for smaller facilities, such as those found in hospitals. As a result, highly trained professionals are forced to process samples manually instead of being able to focus on the higher yield activities they were trained for. This reduces efficiency while also significantly increasing the risk of sample contamination, repetitive strain injury, and could potentially expose staff to bloodborne pathogens.

    CapTrack is now being distributed in the US market via many major laboratory equipment companies. For more information, please follow the link below to contact Globe Scientific